Braids Hairstyles

If you are looking for a design which affords low care and maintenance, yet looks casual and elegant, you could get in on the most up-to-date looks and try the top braided hairstyles which you can braid and twist your way to achieve an easy, trendy look.

Maybe the fastest method of giving yourself a makeover with no need to pay an exorbitant amount for a modernized wardrobe would be to get an updated hairstyle.  With a fast trip to your hairstylist, you can update your look quite easily.

Below is the highlight of the top braids hairstyles that you could try and we dish-out a few helpful tips on how to maintain healthy hair and keep away from dryness and damage.

Must-Try Hair Braiding Styles

A good feature of sporting braids hairstyles with African American and black hair is that something can be done to make it well suited for all types of occasion. Whether you are spending time with the girls, heading out to work or whether you are attending a social event that is red carpet-like, you can change your braided hairstyles to complement your outfit as well as your overall look.

Top Braided Hairstyles:

Pulled Back Braided Hairstyles

If you have flowing, long locks, you could put it in a sophisticated, braided style that is ideal for a formal social occasion or a date.  Once it is braided, you can just part the hair a little on the side or midway.  When the front of your braids becomes separated, the hair can be pulled back.  Take one strand of braided hair at the base of your neck and make use of it like a ‘scrunchee’ to wrap around the rest of the braids in an effortless ponytail style.  This look has been sported by Jada Pinkett-Smith at a number of red carpet events and she was absolutely stunning rocking the braids hairstyles.

Micro Braids

Alicia Keys is one celebrity who is often photographed rocking micro braids.  A great feature about sporting micro braids is the variety of looks that you will be able to create with them.  They can be pulled back in a casual ponytail, a chic chignon or just left to hang loose.

Hair Braiding Styles With Beads

Getting beads braided in with your hair is the ideal look if you are preparing for an extended summer getaway at a tropical, exotic Caribbean island.

Short Black Braids Hairstyles

This style is chic and easy to maintain.  Wearing short black hair braiding styles is a fuss-free hairstyle which is ideal for many occasions.

Hairstyles For Long Hair

The wide selection of hair care tips and hair style ideas that you can find in most media outlets today has sparked interest from women, egging them to explore more the possible avenues on how to present themselves based on various hair styles and hair colors. For short haired women, hair care maintenance is easy to pull off, but the complications of hair-care are more apparent to those women who sport long hair styles and locks.  Regardless if the hairs quality is shiny, sleek, frizzy or even damaged, the challenge to come up with dashing hairstyles for long hair has always been there.

Here are some of the most basic recommendations for hairstyles for long hair:

  • Soft, fluffy and loose curls for women who are cute and sexy.  For a petite face, the curls would give emphasis to the entire visage.
  • The classic straight and sleek always fit women in formal occasions.  You can never go wrong with this.
  • Loose and wavy hair for women who want to keep it simple, and yet sexy.  A little disorder in the air wouldn’t hurt.
  • Slim, sexy waves for a hair style for those women who want to bring out their natural appealing glow.
  • Braided hair styles are great for projecting a distinctive independent look.

You may find hair style ideas from most celebrities and media personalities but always take into account that not all of them will fit you.  For one thing, you also have to contend with other factors as well – facial quality, hair quality, hair color and even your overall personality can dictate how you come up with an appropriate hair style.

Take this example, not all people can pull off the pair wavy strands with straight bangs hair style – it simply doesn’t work if the shape of your face isn’t quite appropriate for it.  Even if you could, you may fail miserably in sustaining such a hair style for quite a long time.  You also need to take into account how much time and how much effort can you set aside just to keep a particular hair style well maintained.

Layered Hairstyles

Whether your hair is short or long, you can take a different approach to arranging it with layered hairstyles.  You probably have seen a number of famous celebrities and media darlings sporting layered hair styles, looking smarter and prettier than they could ever be without them.

Women with layered hair cuts can seemingly attract the attention of other people mainly because the hair style itself brings into the forefront the flattering features of the face.  And if this is something that you really want to achieve then you can never go wrong with taking advantage of such a hair style.

The first reason that comes into one’s mind as to why trying out a layered hair style can be a good idea is attributed to the fact that this hair style – unlike braid hairstyles – itself communicates a modern, cutting-edge look.  Trendsetting celebrities, singers and other media personalities sport layered hair styles, a hair style that most of them see as something “carefree and cheerful.”

This hair style will never be seen as something stiff and too rigid because its nature has always been to communicate a happy-go-lucky personality.  If this is something that you want to work on, then layered hair styles are amongst the best options you can have for yourself.

Another thing that’s notable for layered haircuts is that they are suitable for both short-haired and long-haired women.  Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean that you don’t have the chance to have it layered. In fact, short layered hair styles create more striking effect than long layered ones.  However, short layered hair styles are only suitable to particular facial styles, and they are best for women who have a firm, strong looking visage.

For long layered hair styles, the best thing that you can get out of this is texture and volume. When the hair cut is layered, it enhances the facial features of a person.  And most importantly, the hair is bouncier, lighter and more vibrant, as opposed to rigid, straight cut hair styles.

Remy Hair For A New Natural Look

Hair styling can never be as avant-garde and innovative as with Remy hair styling – a particular hair style that enables one to install, extend and add artificial hair to one’s own.  In a way, Remy hair is a process of hair weaving since you attach synthetic hair pieces to your own hair.  But what makes Remy different from other types of hair weave or braid hair styles?  Just what it is with the Remy hair weaving process that makes it one of the most after-sought processes in hair extensions, even though it’s downright expensive?

Remy hair is sometimes associated with terms like “virgin hair”, “cuticle hair” and “cut hair”.  Why?  Among the many hair extensions and hair weaves, it is Remy hair that fairs the best because it’s touted to be the most natural. You will find a huge selection of hair extensions available today, but many are likely to be non-Remy hair.  These are the hair weaves in which the hair cuticles have been stripped off by processes such as acid bath and bleaching.  Non-Remy hair is the most common and the most popular, mainly because it is highly accessible – as well as being very affordable.  There are non-Remy hair weaves in which the hair cuticles are still present, but then they tend to go to many directions, and thus hair of this type is prone to tangling.

But Remy hair is different.  The hair is directly collected from the donor, and it is tied from one direction, well-kept and preserved.  Unlike non-Remy hair, Remy undergoes many processes (the most notable of which is de-pigmentation) but still ensures that the hair cuticles are still intact and not removed. Hair cuticles are also kept lined up in the same direction, that’s why the hairs aren’t prone to tangling and look undisturbed.  This makes Remy hair weaves shinier, durable, livelier and more vibrant than that of non-Remy hair.  Most importantly, Remy hair is easy to comb, curl and style with; so if you want a new, natural look, then buying Remy hair is the place to start.


Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Some people are born with healthy, naturally coarse hair while others may be unfortunate enough to have very fine, thinning hair.  Others face an even more problematic dilemma – with old age, their hair started to fall out, and the may have lost hope that there is anything they can do about it. However, these people can still have hope!  You may be surprised that you can still make a difference, but only if you know some of the recommended hairstyles for thin hair, and which ones among these can suit you best.

Women with thinning hair should opt for layered hair styles, avoid complicated braided hairstyles.  There are different styles of layered haircuts and that the best thing about this option is that you don’t have to choose to have your hair long or short one way or the other.  That’s because layered cuts are compatible both for short haired and long haired women.  When the hair style is layered, the hair appears to have more volume and thus thicker, and then it appears to be thicker visually.  If you prefer to have your hair in curls or in wavy style then this is so much better than having it sleek and straight.

Men also put a higher emphasis on the quality of their hair, much to the surprise of other women.  For men facing the dilemma of thinning hair, they can try short hair cuts.  No need to spruce up a long hair cut as that would only emphasize the thinning hair.  Caesar style or a very short crew cut will do you good.  If you clump your hair short and close, then visually it appears to be full and thick.

There’s a great abundance of choices that you may want to employ if you feel like your hair is too thin for comfort.  This is usually the case for women, even though men may feel downcast and intimidated with the idea of thinning hair.  Whether you were born that way or developed that style of hair as you aged, hair thinning doesn’t have to let you down.